Wine Tours

Wine tasting may the most popular thing to do during different ages. In this way, you will not only find out about how the wine is made, by how your tastes developed among the years.

If that sounds good, wine tours are even better.

However, it seems like San Francisco has the best places for wine tours. There is Napa and Sonoma wine country tour that starts from San Francisco and it’s made with a limousine. After all, wine and limousine seem like an expensive life, but here’s not the case.

This tour has a certain plan:

there is one stop at one winery in Napa and two stops at two wineries in Sonoma.

If you ask yourself why you should go on a wine tour, here are some true benefits for your body, mind, and soul.

#1 – When you choose a wine tour, you’ll be sure that you will not have to drive back home; and someone else is driving. In this way, it will seem like a break from all the work you have done through a year.

#2 – A specialized guide that knows every type of wine like the back of his hand. Wine tours provides you a guide that selects a specific type of wine, according to your preferences or even allergies. This is the best experience you may have while tasting wine.

However, after the tours’ guide provides some information about the winery and the wine in general, the tour is actually made by the wine maker himself. He will present you the ‘ behind the scene ‘ process and how he knows when to add a certain taste ( like fruits, cinnamon ) to the wine, and not to destroy the initial taste.

#3 – You learn. When you are in a wine tour, you get to see everything that’s beneath that bottle of wine you find in supermarkets. You will get to know the differences between types of wine that you thought are the same, or something like that; why a certain type of grape grown in a specific climate produces a better wine than the same grape grown in another, and so on.

#4 – Enhanced wine tasting experience. No self-driving means that you can swallow the wine and get a full taste from it.

#5 – Social spirit, energy, and a lot of stories. When going in a wine tour, there will not be just you and the guide. The rate of people interested in the wine industry is higher than ever. But that’s not only a good thing for the wineries’ economy, but even for individuals. You’ll get to hear a lot of stories and facts about wine and other people’s preferences. It’s a great option to stay in touch with these people, learn from their experiences and develop yours too.

A break like a wine tour to the Napa and Sonoma wineries may be a good break for you. Not only that you’ll be relaxed that everything is settles up by someone else, but you will also learn about an industry that almost leads the market.